Wisdom Teeth Extractions

At A.L. Dental Inglewood we have the experience and expertise to safely remove your wisdom teeth, and we work at insuring that the procedure is quick and comfortable as possible.  We have a range of pain relief and sedation options for you to choose from, such as local anaesthetic, oral medication and twilight sedation administered by an anaesthetist.

If you’ve recently had x-rays revealing that your wisdom teeth are causing problems, or if you are experiencing pain at the back of your jaw, from time to time, it is highly likely that your wisdom teeth need removing.

At your first appointment, we’ll take a panoramic, 360-degree x-ray of your jaw. This allows the dentist to see exactly where your wisdom teeth are and how best to remove them. The dentist will go through the procedure with you, as well as the sedation options available, and answer any questions you may have, after which you will be asked to sign a consent form prior to the procedure.  Our reception staff will then organise the subsequent appointment to extract the wisdom teeth according to the sedation options selected.

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, however, many people around their early to mid-20’s require their wisdom teeth to be removed. It is well known that our jaws have slowly become smaller, making it difficult for our wisdom teeth to push through our gums.

If not removed, they can get stuck behind the teeth in front of them and become wedged or “impacted”, often causing painful infection in our gums and bone. If impacted wisdom teeth are not removed, they can cause many painful issues, such as gum disease, bone infections, cysts, facial swelling, teeth shifting, and crowding.

Sleep dentistry is where you are induced into a deep sleep so that you are unaware of the procedure and afterwards, won’t remember a thing. Your procedure will be painless, and you’ll be free from anxiety. Sedation usually involves oral medication, where you will remain awake, but more relaxed.

At A.L. Dental we provide both sedation options for your convenience and comfort, call us today on 08 9271 9911 to find out more.

Most people begin to experience problems with their wisdom teeth between the ages of 18 to 25, and most people have 4 wisdom teeth, 2 in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw.

It is recommended to remove the wisdom teeth as soon as they start causing discomfort and pain.  The general rule is sooner rather than later, since after the age of 18, the bone around the teeth becomes denser, making removal more difficult, as well as the risk of tooth impaction and/or infection increases the longer they are left untreated.

Depending on the invasiveness of the wisdom teeth removal surgery, recovery often takes between three days to up to a week.