Dental Implants

At A.L. Dental, we offer high quality dental implants to suit a range of different budgets and requirements. Our team have over 20 years of experience providing reliable, affordable dental services to the people of Inglewood, and we are fully equipped to handle all your problems. Whatever your dental requirements, the A.L. team are highly qualified and experienced to take care of your needs.

Dental implants are an excellent option to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even a complete set of teeth. 

Listed below are some of the many benefits of dental implants:

  • Completing a perfect smile
  • Providing stability and strength to upper and lower dentures
  • Keeping the adjacent teeth stable and strong
  • Last a long-term
  • Prevent bone loss – without an implant or a tooth root in the jawbone, the bone tissue will waste away, this also occurs with traditional dentures

Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement technology. For patients with missing teeth, whether it’s one tooth, several, or all teeth, these tiny titanium screws can mimic the action of a tooth root, working as an anchor for the missing teeth.

A dental implant is a piece of titanium that looks like a screw. It is put into the jaw where the missing tooth’s roots were.  Over time, bone grows around the implant, which helps to hold it in place.  The dental implant replaces the root of a tooth.

Once the titanium screw is stable, a porcelain crown is then attached to it to fill in the gap left by the original missing tooth. The crown is specially made to look like the other teeth in size, shape, and colour.

A single tooth replacement using an implant costs somewhere between $4,000 and $6,000 depending upon many factors unique to each patient. To determine a more accurate cost, you will need a consultation with our dentist and have some x-rays taken. Our dentists will then discuss the procedure involved, all costs and item numbers required, and answer any questions you may have.  If you have private health insurance, we will be able to give you a direct quote from your private health insurer, saving you time and effort.

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